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Cross Domain Solutions

BAC's engineers conducted a study for the client to identify and assess automated one-way transfer solutions capable of securely moving data from a lower level security domain to a higher security domain. Our engineers then deployed the system for the client.

Cross Domain Solutions can be broadly classified into access solutions and transfer solutions. The former enable users to go through information and resources scattered in multi-domains using a single workstation, whereas the latter facilitates information movement across the domains.

Controlled Interfaces

Our engineers have over 15 years of experience developing solutions that enable secure, reliable information exchange between networks. Our engineers have deep subject matter expertise in the area of information security and certification and accreditation processes. Coordinating with security and CIO offices, our engineers ensure systems are built, tested and delivered according to the client’s security requirements. Our understanding of the security policies and guidelines governing IT system design, development and implementation within the IC makes our experts valuable assets to every project.

BAC’s engineers: